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Radiation Free. Safe. Non-invasive. Accurate.

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A Private Healthcare Membership Association

Welcome to Accurate Wellness. So happy you stopped by!

We strive to provide quality care and are committed to leading you on the path to optimal wellness. We firmly believe in the power of Thermography and holistic health alternatives. Our passion is to help educate our clients on the misconceptions of current health trends. It is our goal to help each one of our clients understand their unique needs and help implement individualized protocols that assist in their overall well being. 



This technology is to be used as an adjunct screening. It uses absolutely NO RADTIATION OR COMPRESSION to assess various health imbalances in the body using digital infrared imaging. It is SAFE, ACCURATE, and FDA APPROVED. 

Holistic Consultations

We help our clients understand their unique needs and help guide them to achieve their optimal health! We develop individualized plans tailored to the specific health goals using holistic modalities and nutritional guidance. 


This is the study of the iris, the most complex tissue structure in the human body. This modality can give a window into physiological conditions, challenges and strengths of various organs and personality traits and so much more!


We assess acupuncture meridians that correlate with nutritional deficiencies, organ stress, and overall imbalances in the body. This gives us a picture of areas of concern that need to be addressed. 

Bioenergetic Testing

Our body is made up of energy that is measurable. Bioresonance measures the energetic balance or imbalance to various factors and the body's energetic reaction to various substances. 

Pilates & Fitness Classes

We believe that movement and exercise are crucial for overall health and well being! We are so happy to be partners with Inside Out Health and Wellness, a boutique style studio.




"After having experienced mammography in the past and the discomfort of the procedure, Accurate Wellness Thermography was a blessing. Dr. Taylor provides such a warm & private environment for this sensitive procedure. She is extremely knowledgeable in her field and thoroughly explains what and how it works. Results are quick and the procedure is absolutely painless!"

Jill Kiesel

“Dr. Taylor is extremely knowledgeable & talented in her field. She's wonderful at explaining everything in a manner that is easy to understand. She helped bring ease to a difficult topic of health for myself, and laid out a plan that made the future look so much more bright. Love her and would recommend her top anyone!" 

Dr. Shanele Ranae

"My appointment was right on time and I was made to feel very comfortable. It was all handled in a very professional way and I got my results in a timely manner. I highly recommend Accurate Wellness."

Nancy Reeves

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