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Lymphatic Drainage

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Accurate Wellness uses Medicupping Vacuum Therapy to clear lymphatic congestion. This technique is eight times more effective than Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

Medicupping Vacuum Therapy creates suction and negative pressure to drain trapped fluids and toxins. In addition, vacuuming therapy loosens adhesions, increases oxygen delivery and blood flow as well as lifts connective tissues!

Package Options and Pricing

Full body Assisted Lymphatic Drainage

This package addresses the body as a whole! During this session you will receive lymphatic drainage on the entire body including the front and back! This is a great option when first starting lymphatic drainage massages! 

60 minute session $155

90 minute session $195

Breast Health Package

Medicupping Vacuum Therapy is an excellent modality to clear toxins. 

Our breast health session removes fluid, toxins and built-up debris from the décolleté, chest, axillary and breasts. 

30 minute session $55

30 minute session plus breast thermography $235

Weight Loss Package

Studies reveal 80% of overweight people have sluggish lymphatic systems.

Excess weight is not always fat but instead an overloaded lymphatic system with trapped toxins and fluids. Lymphatic drainage may push 78% of stagnant lymphatic fluid back into circulation. Furthermore, the volume of lymphatic flow can increase as much as twenty times. 

***Several sessions are recommended for weight loss.

30 minutes $75

5 - 30 minute sessions $350

Anti- Cellulite Package

Most times, cellulite is a lymphatic condition. A permanent reduction of cellulite can be achieved by addressing the issue of solid bloat. Solid bloat, stagnant dehydrated lymph, old blood and cellular debris, builds up over time. Solid bloat conditions may appear as bloating, weight gain, love handles, back fat and cellulite.

***Medicupping Vacuum Therapy benefits are accumulative, and a series of sessions are recommended.

30 minutes $75

5 - 30 minute sessions $350

"Event Ready" Package

Have a last-minute event and need some pampering? We Got You! Customize your session to suit your desires. 

Abdominal Sculpting

Legs/ Gluteus Anti-cellulite

Facial/ Décolleté Treatment

Brazilian Butt Lift

***Time and pricing will vary. Please call Accurate Wellness to schedule your customized session.

Drainage Support

Body Sculpting

Weight Loss 

Cellular Health

Breast Health

Immune Bosster

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