No Radiation

No Compression


100% Safe & Accurate

FDA Approved

Digital infrared imaging (DII) is a valuable, accurate and SAFE tool to help evaluate your overall health. This FDA approved system is the only method currently available to visualize and access pain and inflammation anywhere in the body using absolutely no radiation.

The skin is like the body’s central processing unit; it’s a communication hub, sharing information between all systems, including the neurological, immune and endocrine functions and pathways. The skin has the information, and thermography functions as the monitor, measuring and evaluating the metabolic signals, as it happens. We can see the otherwise"invisible" warning signs emitted from the skin only with an infrared imaging device.

Thermography, with its heightened sensitivity, allows us the ability to observe the bodies problem areas that are most prevalent. Thermography is not just a device that sees heat, it is also an exciting observer of our most intelligent, revealing, dynamic and familiar organ: our skin.

We truly believe in the power of Thermography and how it can provide life changing information for our clients. We want you to have a warm, safe, and educating experience when working with Accurate Wellness. We are here to serve you!  When you come for a scan with Accurate Wellness you will be provided with the following -

  • International Association Of Medical Thermography, IAMT, has the most high quality software in the industry for Digital Infrared Imaging. 

  • All reports are read and interpreted by Board Certified Medical Doctors.

  • Our camera meets optical lines required for full body imaging.

  • Our Thermographers have gone through extensive training and have passed their certification exam. 

  • Our Clinically Certified Thermographer has over 10 years of hands on imaging experience.

  • We implement all proper protocols to be met and implemented for the accuracy of your scan. 

  • All images are taken in a swift yet thorough manner to keep you comfortable. 

  • Updated insurance codes are provided to submit to your insurance provider. 

  • All reports AND images with be directly sent to your email. This gives you the convenience to print and take your report to any health practitioner of your choice. This allows you to implement protocols to help aid in the reversal of abnormal findings. Check out our Wellness Team page for a list of trusted practitioners.

  • After receiving your report you can set up a ten minute complementary phone consultation by email or phone. This consultation will be to explain your report to you in simple way to help better understand your results. You can also schedule your follow up at this time to ensure you come back to form your baseline. 

  • Holistic health consultation will be provided at a discounted price to all Thermography clients.



Breast Scan 

5 or more images of breast


Women/Men Health Screening  

Head and Breast Scan- Includes dental assessment, thyroid function, upper back and cervical neck, carotid arteries/ stroke screening, and chest for cardio-vascular evaluation


Women/Men Health Screening

Plus Head/ Breast/ Abdomen - Includes all the above plus abdominal, mid/lower back, thoracic and lumbar regions 


Full Body Health Screening

Includes all of the above plus legs, feet, hands, and arms