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I grew up in a beautiful paradise called Jupiter, Fl. Blessed is an understatement to call this place home. The energy and spirit of this small beach town will always have my heart. Unfortunately, my mom started experiencing some pretty serious health problems right around the time I was going to leave for college. We were very lucky to find an alternative screening to help detect her medical issues. We had to travel to the west coast of Florida in order to get this screening. After receiving her results, we knew we had to bring this technology to our community and help others. We flew to Pennsylvania and got certified as Clinical Thermographers and Accurate Wellness was born and I was on the path to pursue my passion.

Shortly after detecting my mothers issues, I started going with her to her appointments. with Dr. Tom Slider, a world-renowned Naturopath in Palm Beach Gardens. After attending a few of her appointments and watching my mother heal herself naturally, I knew this is what I wanted to do. Every cell inside my body was vibrating and eager to learn more. I knew i wanted to take the next step and pursue this as my career.

I graduated from Trinity School of Natural Health with a Clinically Certified Health Professional Degree and Doctor of Naturopathy Degree, and worked with Dr. Slider for over ten years. The hands-on knowledge I have gained working by his side is invaluable. Since working with Dr. Slider, I have completed over a 1000 clinical hours and continue to further my education.

My passion is to help you educate about the misconceptions of current health trends. It is my goal to help each one of my clients understand their unique needs and help to assist them in the achievement of optimal health. I would love to meet each and everyone of you and help to lead you on the path to balanced wellness.

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