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Herbal Medicine

Bio Resonance Testing

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Balance Your Health With Bioenergetic Testing!
Discover Your Level of Wellness Through Comprehensive
Bioenergetic Hair and Saliva Analysis


The body is made up of energy, and that energy is measurable. Everything has its own energetic charge and vibration. Tissues of the body, words, emotions, toxins, pathogens- every bit of matter contains a unique “frequency signature”.

Bio-resonance testing is an insightful tool used to measure these signatures and identify resonating toxins and find solutions for getting the body back into a state of balance. Through bio-resonance, we look at specific frequencies in the body and how they may be impacting the body’s synergistic systems.

Bio-resonance is not diagnostic; it does not replace nor is intended to be confused with types of western medicine testing.

This process reads energetic resonance that emanates from hair and saliva samples. Using an individual’s samples, we can scan against thousands of frequencies and energetic codes to see what matches up with what an individual is resonating with. Our scans measure your energy against specific toxins (parasites, bacteria, chemicals, metals, molds, viruses, and more) to see which ones you specifically attract to. We can also scan samples against foods, sensitivities, hormones, deficiencies, and supplements to see what may help bring the body closer to balance.

***In person and virtual Bioenergetic scans available. Email me for more information and directions on how to move forward!

System Performance

Resonating Toxins

Energetic Senstivities

Hormonal Imbalances 

Nutritional Imbalances

Emotional Imbalances


Initial Comprehensive Scan $350

Follow Up Scans $275

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