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Wellness Packages

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We believe in a individualized whole body approach to get to the root of healing. We have formulated different package options to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Whatever it is you may be struggling with whether it be gut health, hormonal imbalances, auto immune issues, depression and anxiety we are here to help guide you down the road to optimal health. We look forward to connecting with you more in the near future!

  • Inherent strengths and weaknesses of organs, tissue, and glands

  • Constitutional strengths and weaknesses overall in the body

  • Which organs are most stressed and in need of rebuilding

  • Relative amount of toxic settlement in the organs and glands

  • The stage of tissue inflammation and activity

  • Under-active or sluggish bowel

  • Primary nutritional needs of the body

  • Lymphatic system congestion


Iridology Reading with Images

Initial Consult


Follow up Consults


Iridology and Kinesiology Initial Package


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