What Does a Thermogram Cost?

Scan Type Scan Description Price
Breast Screening 5 or more images of breast $190
Women’s / Men’s Health Screening
Head and Breast Scan Includes:  dental assessment, thyroid function, upper back and cervical neck, carotid arteries/ stroke screening, and chest for cardio-vascular evaluation $280
Women’s / Men’s Health Screening Plus
Head/ Breast/ Abdomen Includes: all the above plus abdominal, mid/lower back, thoracic and lumbar regions $300
Full Body Screening Head/ Breast/ Abdomen/Legs Includes:  all of the above plus legs, feet,  hands, and arms $350
Region of Interest 5 or more images of any region of concern; head, feet, knees, cervical, etc. $150

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Important Insurance Information:

Many medical insurance companies are beginning to recognize thermography. We recommend that you use the codes below and notify your insurance carrier prior to your appointment. Accurate Wellness and Thermography is an independent company that is not a network provider. We operate on a self-referral, self-pay basis.

DX     Procedure Code: 93740

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