Breast Health Screening

 Thermography Breast Health Screening is safe, painless, non-invasive, and is the perfect method for prevention, so it can provide a woman with a sense of control over her health. Why should you have a Thermogram? Breast Thermography is great if you want to avoid breast disease and you:

  • Are over age 20
  • Have lumpy breasts
  • Have sensitive breasts or you have breast implants (OUCH! A mammogram applies over 7 lbs of pressure!)
  • You or a family  member has been  treated for breast cancer.
  • You want or have to avoid radiation
  • If you have had 5 or more mammograms in your lifetime.

Why is it the perfect method for prevention?  Because Today we know that breast cancer remains microscopic and clinically undetectable for 75% of its lifespan, approximately 8 years.

The question is:  If cancer is so small for so long, how can we see it?

The answer:  We can’t. But, what we can see with an infrared thermography camera are thesigns of development, which are not microscopic!  Pre-screening with infrared thermography can save lives with pre-early detection giving you time to prevent further development and seek treatment of the underlying cause.  Now, that is doing something different!

Allow 20 minutes for this exam.

How Is Breast Thermography Different than Mammogram and Ultrasound?

Thermography detects changes or abnormalities in physiology that can show up in the future as a tumor, detectable on a mammogram.

Accurate Wellness and Thermography
Breast Cancer

Unlike mammography and ultrasound, thermography is a test of physiology, meaning it looks for functional changes in breast tissue which may indicate trouble years before a tumor can be detected by other means. It detects and records the infrared heat radiating from the surface of the breasts. It can help in early detection and monitoring of abnormal development of cancer.

Mammography and ultra sound are tests of anatomy. They look at structure. When a tumor has grown to a size that is large enough and dense enough to block an x-ray

beam (mammography) or sound wave (ultrasound), it produces an image that can be detected by a trained radiologist. Most cancers are detected by mammography when the diameter of the tumor has grown to see the size of a dime and contain over 4 billion cells.

Does Breast Thermography Replace a Mammogram?

When used as part of a multi-modal approach (thermography + clinical examination + mammography), 95% -98% of early stage breast cancers can be detected.

Notice: The diagnosis of breast disease should never be determined by any single test.  Thermography is a physiological test and is not represented as a stand-alone test for the diagnosis of breast disease and does not replace mammogram or any other anatomical test.  Any suspicious outcome will result in a recommendation for further testing.

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